Our Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

World in hands

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is all about operating a business in an ethical and sustainable way. It means taking a good, hard look at the way we work and seeing how it affects our colleagues, our upstream and downstream customers, the environment and the community around us.

CSR isn't new to Alliance Healthcare and is embedded in everything we do. Our people are involved in a wealth of work to ensure that our business practices are socially responsible and environmentally sustainable, and one of our main objectives going forward is to ensure that we communicate our efforts more effectively.

Our Charity Partners

'Do Blue'

Alliance Healthcare is a business whose very core is intrinsically linked to the welfare of people in local communities.

Beyond this, we want to focus on supporting communities through our charity partners and through encouraging our teams to provide 'hands on' support via employee fundraising. Our charity partners, CLIC Sargent, Leonard Cheshire Disability and The Prostate Cancer Charity were chosen by our people based on their core links to family and community - two things which Alliance Healthcare is very passionate about.

The fact that it brings some fun to the working environment is an added bonus!

Fuschia day